About Us

Improving Lives in Davidson County, One Nail at a Time!

The Lexington Housing Community Development Corporation (LHCDC) is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit Agency, located in Lexington, North Carolina with a satellite location in Thomasville, North Carolina.

The vision for LHCDC came as a result of a 1995 study, a group of concerned citizens and a City of Lexington strategic plan. LHCDC was incorporated in 1998 to help individuals and families overcome the obstacles to achieve homeownership.

Since its incorporation, LHCDC has made a positive impact on affordable housing. Throughout Davidson County, LHCDC has provided 740 residents with financial literacy and/or homeownership education. Our repair programs have improved the conditions of nearly 1300 owner-occupied homes, while our renovated homes have provided affordable living to 26 families.

LHCDC researches and implements best practices making it a leading statewide source for affordable housing development. Our ability to adapt to changing economic times is due to the partnering with entities such as -but not limited to- governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, grant sources, schools, churches, youth groups, local businesses and individuals. With partner support, LHCDC has added over two-million dollars to the tax base for Lexington and facilitated over a quarter million dollars towards repairs and down payment assistance investments in Davidson County.

LHCDC promotes advocacy through state-wide presentations and sharing succesful techniques in volunteering and collaboration.

Board of Directors

2020 -2021

  • Rose Banks (Chair)
  • Michaela Curlee (Treasurer)
  • Shirley Putnam (Secretary)
  • Harris Kirmani
  • Al Armstrong
  • Rami Spainhour
  • Randy Bullin (Vice Chair)
  • Sandy Walker
  • Elizabeth B. Strillacci
  • Fernando Peoples
  • Beth Hibbitts
  • Rebecca Jo Peoples
  • Ellen Welborn
  • Tobin Shepard
  • Sylvia Walser

Team Members

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Executive Director
Certified TAHC Housing Counselor
Administrative Assistant
Grants Compliance Officer
Homeownership Program Manager
HUD Certified Housing Counselor
Thomasville Housing Program Manager
Director of Construction & Repair Programs
PHRANC Certified Rehabilitation Specialist
Certified TAHC Housing Counselor