About Us

Improving Lives in Davidson County, One Nail at a Time!

The Lexington Housing Community Development Corporation (LHCDC) is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit Agency, located in Lexington, North Carolina with a satellite location in Thomasville, North Carolina.

The vision for LHCDC came as a result of a 1995 study, a group of concerned citizens and a City of Lexington strategic plan. LHCDC was incorporated in 1998 to help individuals and families overcome the obstacles to acheive homeownership.

Since its incorporation, LHCDC has made a positive impact on affordable housing. Throughout Davidson County, LHCDC has provided 740 residents with financial literacy and/or homeonwership eduction. Our repair programs have improved the conditions of over 1200 owned homes, while our renovated homes have provided affordable living to 26 families.

LHCDC researches and implements best practices making it a leading statewide source for affordable housing development. Our ability to adapt to changing economic times is due to the partnering with entities such as -but not limited to- governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, grant sources, schools, churches, youth groups, local businesses and individuals. With partner support, LHCDC has added over two-million dollars to the tax base for Lexington and facilitated over a quarter million dollars towards repairs and down payment assistance investments in Davidson County.

LHCDC promotes advocacy through state-wide presentations and sharing succesful techniques in volunteering and collaboration.

Board of Directors


  • Sid Biescker (Chair)
  • Debbie Auman (Secretary)
  • Tobin Shepard (Treasurer)
  • Rose Banks (Vice-Chair)
  • Harris Kirmani
  • Marc Lamoureaux
  • Randy Bullin
  • Sandy Walker
  • Sylvia Walser
  • Wendy Sellars
  • Shirley Putnam
  • Carlos Plascencia
  • Sandra Reynolds 
  • Rebecca Jo Peoples (Past Chair)

Team Members

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Executive Director
Certified TAHC Housing Counselor
Administrative Assistant
Grants Compliance Officer
Homeownership Program Manager
HUD Certified Housing Counselor
Thomasville Housing Program Manager
Director of Construction & Repair Programs
PHRANC Certified Rehabilitation Specialist
Certified TAHC Housing Counselor