Lexington Housing Community Development Corporation
Coordinating Agency for The Lexington Homeownership Center & The Thomasville Housing Assistance Program
Urgent Repair Program
(URP) Forms
Assistance Policy & URP Application
Step 1: 
Assistance Policy

Click below to download a copy of the URP Assistance Policy. This will tell all you need to know about the program and qualification guidelines.
If eligible, proceed to step 2.
Step 2: 
4 Page Application

Click below to download a copy of the URP Application. Please read carefully. Everyone in the household who receives income should be listed on application. All income will need to be verified.
Step 3: 
Attach proof of income and return completed application to LHCDC

Acceptable forms for proof of income can be found on page 1 of application. Once complete return to LHCDC. Click below for mailing address.
Assistance Policy