Want some quick tips on financial success?

LHCDC partners with local agencies, churches and civic groups to provide financial education workshops. These workshops are tailored to community needs and can focus on topics important to parents, older adults, youth, those unemployed, underemployed and veterans.

We invite you to home-ownership 101!

With realtors, lenders, and appraisers involved, we understand that the home buying process can get complicated.

This 8-hour course features housing professionals who will walk participants through each part of the home buying process from start to finish including finding, selecting, purchasing, and post-buying maintenance.

Get financially fit in 2019!

With this program, enrolled individuals set short and long-term savings goals with a certified housing counselor.

This program has a special focus on helping families to repair credit and comes with the opportunity for LHCDC to match up to $300 when you prove to us your willingness to save!

This program is for low income families who own their own home and meet qualifying factors but can't afford needed urgent repairs or handicap modifications. The main focus of this program is to assist those who need home repairs or handicap modifications that are a hazard to ones safety and/or security, or without the repairs the situation could force them out of their home.

If you are facing foreclosure, don't let time expire! Act now by speaking to one of our counselors.

This service is in partnership with
Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Greensboro  (CCCS).

Every other year since 2001 the LHCDC co-sponsors this major event that brings 200-400 youth volunteers from all over the United States to do home repairs for low-income families. In 2017 these volunteers completed repairs on 36 homes throughout Davidson County and made a community impact of nearly a quarter of a million dollars!